The incredible Super Cigarette!

Imagine being able to smoke on the train, in the office, in a restaurant, or even on a plane! With the Super Cigarette you can smoke anywhere. You will still be smoking like you do normally, and you will still be getting a nicotine fix, however you wont be breathing in cancer causing carcinogens, and other poisons. I know this sounds to good to be true, but thanks to modern technology, scientists have created the cigarette of the future, and is here now, available to order online and get delivered right to your home.

Inhale and exhale that looks & feels EXACTLY like a traditional cigarette... it's amazing!

electronic cigaretteThe Super Cigarette is an amazing high tech product developed to provide smokers with a clean alternative to smoking or as a device to help you quit. It contains, no carbon monoxide, no cancer-causing chemicals, and no tar. When air flows through the device, it is detected by a microprocessor. This microprocessor then activates the atomizer which injects tiny droplets of the liquid into the flowing air. This produces a vapor mist which is inhaled by the user. The addition of propylene glycol to the liquid makes the mist better resemble normal cigarette smoke. The microprocessor also activates an orange LED at the tip to simulate real smoking. It not only simulates cigarette smoke but also the temperature of common cigarette's smoke which is 50-60 �C.

Imagine the health benefits and cost benefits!

The Electronic Cigarette can allow smokers to enjoy the same pleasure as that of traditional cigarettes when inhaling, imitating the whole process of smoking. Super Cigarettes create a much more healthy smoking experience and are far more fun than other products and have become known as the most perfect alternative to smoking so far. You are simply inhaling and exhaling water vapor with nicotine!

If you want to quit smoking, then the Super Cigarette is by far the easiest way to do so.

Within the first day of using the Super Cigarette, your body will start repairing itself, your lungs will start to un-tar, and your health will start to improve, by day 7 your sense of smell and flavor will be enhanced, your lungs will start to gain capacity and the stains on your figures and teeth would of disappeard. All this while still smoking.

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